Smartphones, tablets, and other high-tech toys sure can make life easier -- unless they run out of juice. Here are 7 smart, simple, and pretty ways to charge your devices at home and on the go.

By Berit Thorkelson

Mighty Purse Device-Charging Wristlet

From the outside, the Mighty Purse Device-Charging Wristlet is a classic leather clutch. Inside, a smartphone pocket with a battery that's able to recharge your phone up to four times before needing its own recharge joins your standard coin pouch and credit card slots. The wristlet comes in a wide variety of materials, colors, and patterns. $85 and up

INLET by LivingPlug

INLET by LivingPlug plugs into your standard outlet to upgrade your basic two receptacles into three hidden ones, plus a USB port -- one that charges an iPhone, for example, roughly twice as fast as its own charger. Choose from hundreds of faceplate designs, or customize it quickly online with an image of your own. $25 and up

aerelight OLED Lamp and Wireless Charger

Touted as "the world's first consumer-ready OLED (organic LED) lamp," aerelight OLED Lamp and Wireless Charger sports a super-slim, high-efficient panel bulb, touch control, and a wood base that doubles as a wireless charging pad for Qi-compatible devices. (Many phones are, but if yours isn't, you can buy an inexpensive wireless compatible charging case at ChargeSpot.) Comes in three colors. $240

TYLT VÜ Wireless Charger

Simply set your phone on the TYLT VÜ Wireless Charger and it charges at a 45°-degree angle, so you can use it while it powers up. Your device needs to be Qi-compatible for this one, too. Again, many phones are, but if yours isn't, you can buy an inexpensive wireless compatible charging case at ChargeSpot. TYLT also makes wireless charging cards. This will charge about as fast as your traditional charger, and it comes in primary colors and black. $70

Converge 4-Port USB Charging Station

This streamlined, foot-long, four-port charger keeps devices propped up and visible as they charge, and hides their cables, too. The Converge 4-Port USB Charging Station comes in five different colors. $70

Ampy Self-Powered Portable Charger

Talk about an aha!: The Ampy converts the energy you generate into battery life for your USB-powered device. Walking about 10,000 steps, cycling for an hour, and running for half an hour, for example, each add an extra three hours to your smartphone. The Ampy app keeps a running total of both energy generated and calories burned. $95 (preorders shipping July 2015)

Lepow Moonstone 6000 Portable Power Bank

This teensy portable charger is just 3x3 inches and weighs less than 6 ounces, making it a simple tagalong to power most major tablets and smartphones anywhere, two at a time. Another $5 and you can upgrade to the 9000, a thicker unit with higher output. $25



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