Crazy Calendar? Here Are the Best Apps to Keep Those Schedules in Order

Ever dreamed of having your own personal assistant? Calendar apps, which boost the functionality of the calendar that came on your smartphone, are the next best thing. They warn you about meetings and birthdays, get directions to the party ready, and keep you on top of that to-do list. And unlike an actual personal assistant, they're free!

Cozi Family Calendar and Lists

iOS & Android, free

As the name suggests, Cozi is geared toward busy families, with special features including the ability to sync multiple family members' schedules, viewed separately or all at once, and to share created lists (think: grocery, to-do, etc.). You can also add birthdays, schedule text or e-mail appointment reminders, and get a weekly "agenda e-mail" summarizing the events in the week to come. It comes with an integrated meal planner, too, that also stores recipes, adds ingredients to your shopping list, and lets everybody see what's for dinner.

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iOS & Android, free

Sunrise is one of the most popular calendar apps due to its straightforward design and overall ease of use. It auto-syncs with lots of apps, including Facebook and TripIt, then grabs information from them such as events, birthdays and travel plans, and integrates them into your calendar. Add events and reminders by typing in plain language, for example, "Dinner at the Johnson's tomorrow at 7:00 p.m." You can also customize it by downloading "interesting" calendars, such as the moon phases or your favorite sports team.

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Cal by

iOS & Android, free

Cal's truly beautiful and task-oriented interface help it stand out from the crowd. It offers one day at a time, including a pretty daily photo, designed to bring a sense of calm to your busy day. Cal integrates with task lists, a super life-helper in its own right, so your to-dos are always front, center, and ready for the checking. Events and meetings appear with details, maps, and contact info for the host and attendees. Birthdays pop up with a photo and contact information, too.

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