Check out these innovative ways to bring your tablet or laptop into the kitchen and keep it safe from spills. Plus, discover how to integrate lighting, docking stations, and tablet storage into your kitchen.

By Jennifer Wilson

The kitchen is the best place for technology. No matter if you're searching and storing new recipes, or watching videos to perfect your pie crust, technology is a must-have in the kitchen. Check out this round-up of genius tools you have to try.

Image: Adorne

Adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting System. Legrand reveals an interesting product that integrates lighting and mobile devices. Customizable with modular LED puck or linear lights, the system offers power outlets, USB ports, a Bluetooth music system, and mobile charging cradles. Its configuration is easy to update by popping out any module and replacing it with a new insert. A low-profile track is available in three lengths and plugs into an existing outlet or can be installed with in-wall wiring to eliminate all outlets from the backsplash. Pricing from $10.

Image: Sony

Xperia Z2 Tablet. This tough tablet from Sony is so kitchen-ready you can run it under water to rinse it or completely submerge the thing for up to 30 minutes. It includes an iGrill wireless digital thermometer! $499.99.

Evernote Food. A favorite paperwork-organizing app for Android or Apple now takes our food love and gives it a shot of uniformity and organization. In this handsome app you can collect your recipes, share your favorite home-cooked meals, discover new restaurants, and save recipes from across the web in a single platform -- essentially designing your own personalized cookbook, just like grandma used to do, but cooler. FREE.

LaunchPort. Slip your iPad into a special sleeve and mount it magnetically to the wall or countertop where it'll charge (sans cords) and be easier to read recipes. $199.

Cocktail Flow. This app for Windows or Android platforms presents cocktail recipes in a great visual style -- the perfect accompaniment for your next dinner party (or just to treat yourself). You can search by ingredient or color, look up similar recipes to a drink you've enjoyed, log the contents of your liquor cabinet for suggestions, and more. Free.

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