Modern technology is making home offices smarter and more streamlined than ever. Make your personal work space more efficient with these latest tools and toys.

By BH&G Editors
Updated July 31, 2019

A home office is supposed to keep you organized and productive. If yours is falling down on the job, maybe it's time to make some upgrades. Check out some of the latest technology that we think deserves a promotion in your home.

Office Electronics

Sales of desktop computers are falling as more people switch to the work-from-anywhere laptop or the even more compact tablet. To get more functionality from these smaller, portable machines, many homeowners purchase a larger monitor to use when they work from the home office. Using a dual-screen system is easy; connecting a laptop or tablet to an external monitor (or to a projector) typically requires only an inexpensive DVI, HDMI, or VGA cable.

Other office electronics are also getting streamlined. Long gone are the days of having a separate printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine; now you can tackle all your office chores with one compact machine. Many machines also have wireless functions, so you can send documents from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone from any room of your home. Even better, prices for a high-quality multifunction machine are now as low as $200.

Office Furniture

As the computers and peripherals we use evolve, so must our desks. We no longer need our office furniture to support giant tower CPUs, but we do expect plenty of functional space for multiple devices and, often, dual monitors. Desks are becoming more streamlined and many include charging stations to accommodate laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There are also chairs with built-in tablet arms for keeping secondary devices at hand.

Also growing in popularity are standing desks or those that convert from standard to standing height. As more research points to health risks associated with sitting all day, many people are looking for a new option. Busy homeowners also appreciate the on-the-go aspect of this new technology, which makes it quick and easy to pay bills or check homework.

Modern technology has also meant an upgrade in aesthetics. Oak-and-brass behemoths are out; simple styles that blend more seamlessly into a home are in. Many homeowners prefer furniture-look desks that can be incorporated into any room of the home rather than a dedicated home office.

Ideas for Smarter Office Storage

Many desks now offer stealthy storage, with large drawers hidden beneath the tops accessible via integrated pulls, or drop-down shelves that double work space when needed. There are also plenty of cool desktop organizers available today that include integrated outlets, flash drives, and storage for small desk items.


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