Though the bathroom is a perfectly practical place, there are dozens of technological wonders to make it more comfortable, efficient, and even fun. These smart bathroom technology ideas combine the best of practicality and luxury for a truly exceptional space.

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Updated July 29, 2019
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You likely don't give your bathroom much thought (unless you're planning a stylish bathroom remodel), even though you use the space frequently. Make the time spent there more efficient, entertaining, and comfortable with the latest high-tech offerings. We have smart home ideas for improving your toilet, shower, tub, and other often-used areas of your bathroom.

large white bathroom vanity with one sink and large chrome mirror above

Connected Cabinets

The push for a more entertaining bathroom continues with the medicine cabinet. Many now include outlets for electric toothbrushes, razors, and the like. Some manufacturers are taking it a step further with models that include charging stations for smartphones, built-in speaker systems, integrated TV screens, and even warming drawers and refrigerated sections for towels and organic skin products, respectively.

modern white tub with chandelier above

Heated Features

Cranking up the heat might be the perfect techy bathroom upgrade for individuals who are tired of waking up to icy tile floors—or simply crave a more spalike experience at home. A heated towel rack is an affordable option for creating the feeling of luxury. For a larger, more impactful change, try upgrading to radiant-heated tiles to up the comfort and warmth of an otherwise cold floor.

Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets are also making the move from public to private restrooms; they can cut costs by running water only when in use. Learn how to install a touchless faucet in a few simple steps. If you're not ready to make the switch to digital faucets, you can still improve efficiency by adding a low-flow aerator to an existing faucet.

modern toilet with shelf above holding turquoise knick knacks

High-Tech Toilets

Commodes can be real water hogs. Reduce your negative impact on the environment by upgrading your toilet to one with a lower flush-per-gallon rating. Look for the WaterSense label (similar to the EnergyStar rating for appliances); low-flow toilets, especially those with dual-flush technology, minimize water usage and reduce utility bills.

Some high-tech toilets now also include built-in speakers and docking systems for your smartphone or tablet. For added comfort, consider toilet seat warmers. Plus, you can make your private space as hygienic as it is efficient by choosing a touchless flush or a bowl that cleans itself with every flush.

modern bathroom with large white tub and slate tile

Personalized Showering and Bathing

New models of showers and tubs come with an array of bells and whistles that promise to transform your bathing experience. One hot trend is chromatheraphy, which uses a spectrum of light and color to positively affect mood. There are also showers that include steam and tubs that offer built-in radiant heating pads for a spa-like experience. Built-in stereos and televisions and waterproof speakers are increasingly common.

Bath Trends

Even if you can't afford a new soaking tub or shower, you can buy a high-tech showerhead with a wireless speaker system. Or install a digital shower system that allows bathers to remotely control water pressure, temperature, water angle, and more for a totally personalized experience.

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