A Smart Home Is ...

The term "smart home" is everywhere -- but what does it mean, exactly? We walk you through the 10 most important factors in creating a modern, tech-equipped space.


Automated products for the home are becoming more common at the places you already shop. Home centers, appliance stores, and electronics stores carry all kinds of smart gizmos at all prices.

Learn more about how much home automation is right for you.

At Your Fingertips

You've got control literally in the palm of your hand. Whether you're using a remote or your smartphone, you can instantly communicate with your locks, window coverings, thermostat, and more.


Add more smart products when you want and combine the function of several apps.

Downright Fun

Want to show vacation photos at parties? Check out a Web-connected TV. Why not bring electronics into your bath with music in the shower and a late-night talk show while brushing your teeth?


Every bit of energy savings counts, whether it's an ignition-switch fireplace that saves energy or a refrigerator that reduces air loss with a special see-through compartment -- no more holding the door open!

Learn more ways smart technology can boost your energy efficiency.


Sensors on windows and doors let you know if they're open or even unlocked. Lights and window shades can be programmed so it looks like you're home.

Learn how to enhance your safety and security with smart technology.


The smartest home isn't just about things that move and light up; it's about technologies that save any kind of time and effort. That's why we love easy-care countertops, and siding and decking that stand up to harsh weather.


Would you like your home to know you -- really know you? Try a mattress that learns your firmness preferences, monitors your sleep, and shares each morning how well you slept.

At Your Service

A toilet flushes when you hold your hand above the tank. A trash can slides out when you push a kitchen cabinet with your knee. And a light turns on when you open a closet door. Small conveniences add up to easy living.


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