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Discover how to incorporate smart solutions and new technology into your home to create the smart home you've always wanted. Add automation, smart security, and the option to control certain home functions with your smart phone.

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9 Best Air Purifiers for a Cleaner Home

Let's clear the air: Air purifiers have gotten an upgrade. There's real-time monitoring, Bluetooth capabilities, and new filters that pick up smaller pollutants than ever. Discover our best air purifier picks, plus tips for choosing a model that's right for your home.
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10 Reasons You Should Get a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can easily lower your energy bill, and the technology will transform the way you think about heating and cooling your home.
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The Better Homes & Gardens Innovation Home

Home innovation should solve real-life problems and make life better, focusing on the people, not simply the systems, inside. To demonstrate, we decided to build, furnish, and tech out our ideal house: the BHG Innovation Home. Check out these useful and accessible products and ideas.
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The Smart Bathroom Technology of the Future Is Here

Though the bathroom is a perfectly practical place, there are dozens of technological wonders to make it more comfortable, efficient, and even fun. These smart bathroom technology ideas combine the best of practicality and luxury for a truly exceptional space.
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4 Seriously Life-Changing Tech Products That Are All on Sale This Cyber Monday

Including $250 off the Roomba 960—so you'll never have to vacuum again.