10 Grilling Gadgets to Upgrade Your Next BBQ

Get your grill on with some of these favorite -- and fun! -- barbecue products.

We gathered 10 of our favorite grilling tools, so next time you fire up the grill consider this round-up of smart products to get the most delicious results.  

Image: Fire Sense

Foldaway Grill This foldaway grill flattens to the size of a laptop. Take it to your destination -- tailgating, the park, a buddy's house -- and set it up in two quick steps. Fire Sense Notebook Charcoal Grill; $35. 

Pizza Stone Get that signature crispy, brick-oven pizza crust using your grill and this specialty pizza stone. If you want the smoky flavor that comes with a true wood-fired oven, add a few smoking chips. Pizza Que Grill Stone; $70.

Steam Cleaner This aluminum alloy grill brush uses steam to help loosen burnt, gooey drippings from the grates of your grill. Your elbow grease does the rest. Grill Daddy GL 13186 Grand Grill Daddy Steam-Operated Grill-Cleaning Tool; $45.

Battery-Operated Grill This battery-operated, portable grill preheats in three to four minutes and is small enough to set on your picnic table as you cook. It can even be used in the house with ventilation. Grill top extras, such as a pizza stone, are also available. If you aren't sold on the novelty, you'll flip for the fashion colors. Artland Lotus Grill; $300-$400.

Smart Thermometer This wireless thermometer has a cool digital LCD screen that shows eight entree programs, four doneness selections, and two verbal and three audio alert options to let you know when your meat is safely cooked to your desired temperature. No more over-flipping or guessing! It also has Bluetooth capability for smartphones. Oregon Scientific AW131 Talking Wireless BBQ/Oven Thermometer; $47.

Bendy Skewers These bendy cable-style skewers allow you to curl their extra long length up so you can nestle them in a bowl or bag of marinade. Having longer and fewer skewers is sure to simplify your kabob cooking. Bonus: The wire stays cool as you cook which means you can turn them without using tools. Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewer; $10 for set of 2.

Hot Dog Cutter Hot dog connoisseurs will love this specialty gadget that allows you to cut even spirals into your hot dogs. This helps it cook evenly, promotes perfect browning, and creates grooves to hold mega toppings. Outset Spiral Cutter for Hot Dogs and Wieners. $8; set of 2.

Image: Outset Meatball Basket

Meatball Basket Use this handy meatball basket to whip up quick appetizers for your next backyard party. A lock keeps these little fellas contained. Outset Nonstick Meatball Basket; $18.

And two more campfire favorites -- just for fun!

S'more Maker Make perfect, gooey campfire-quality s'mores over your grill with a basket that holds your graham crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate treats. This maker includes a blaster for infusing marshmallows with fillings to amp up the fun. S'More to Love; $18.

Popcorn Popper Unlike the old JiffyPop popcorn makers in disposable, pop-and-eat containers, this grill popper will be around for years of cookout and campfire memories. The mesh lid doubles as a serving bowl when you're done cooking. We love it because it allows you to control the fat and seasonings. Nordic Ware Indoor/Outdoor Popcorn Popper; $40.


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