Our Best Small Guest Bedroom Ideas

Help visitors feel comfortable, even if you have limited space, by embracing these tips for small guest bedrooms.

small bedroom with low furniture

Ellie Lillstrom

Opening your home to guests, whether friends or family, is a wonderful way to show you care. If you’re fortunate to have a spare bedroom for them to stay in, create a special experience by personalizing the space for their needs. Even if the room is small, these smart, space-saving methods and design tricks can help make the most of it. Take inspiration from the following ideas to put together the best small guest bedroom for your loved ones.

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Squeeze in a Sitting Area

small bedroom with blue chairs sitting area

Tria Giovan

Give guests the feeling of a luxury hotel by adding a couple of cozy armchairs and a side table. The pieces can be small-scale to avoid overcrowding a tight space. This still gives visitors a space to relax outside of the bed while in the privacy of their own room. They can comfortably read a book or the newspaper, have a glass of coffee or wine, or simply tie their shoes with ease.

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Designate a Desk

small bedroom with desk zone

Dane Tashima

Have a hardworking relative who stays with you often? Make sure to include a desk so they don’t miss a beat. In lieu of a nightstand, place a narrow desk near the bed so they can stay up to date on projects. Be sure to include an office chair, a desk lamp, and some basic office supplies such as pens and notepads. A comfortable bed nearby allows them to rest their head once they’re done for the day.

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Let In Light

small bedroom with natural light and white sheer curtains

Werner Straube

A bedroom with multiple windows and beautiful natural light is a dream for any guest. Enhance the space with double-paneled curtains that let in sunlight during the day but block light at night for good rest. Install the curtain rod slightly higher than the window frame to visually heighten the room.

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Opt for Low Furniture

small bedroom with low furniture

Ellie Lillstrom

If the ceilings are short in your small guest bedroom (say it’s located in a loft or finished attic), create the illusion of a larger space by furnishing the room with low-profile furniture, including the bed frame, nightstands, and dressers. This will make the room seem taller than it is. Opt for a neutral color palette with just a few pops of color, as a monochromatic look can also enhance the size of the space. Keep wall decor simple and minimal.

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Embrace Multipurpose Pieces

daybed in small bedroom

Michael Partenio

If your guest bedroom serves other purposes, such as a home office or a reading nook, make sure the furniture is multipurpose. If you have the space to open up a full-size bed, choose a sleeper sofa. Otherwise, a daybed allows one guest a comfortable place to rest. Small coffee tables or an ottoman can turn into nightstands when needed. A lofted bed with a desk underneath allows you to have a home office while still reserving a spot for guests to stay.

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Heighten with Headboards

small bedroom with twin beds and headboards

Robert Brinson

A tall headboard draws the eyes up and makes a small guest bedroom seem bigger than it actually is. A pair of twin beds flanking a window help create a more open space than a large queen or king-size bed. Take it a step further and extend the headboards by adding tapestries. There are plenty of DIY headboard ideas to choose from if you’re crafty.

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Utilize Bunk Beds

small bedroom with blue bunk beds

Patrick Biller

If nieces, nephews, or grandkids frequently sleep over, bunk beds can be a major space-saver in the small guest bedroom. While twin beds are another option, you simply might not have the square footage for that layout to comfortably work. A set of bunk beds solves limited floor space. Make sure to include a guard rail, especially for the top bunk, to keep visitors safe.

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Layer Linens

small bedroom with layered sheets

Joyelle West

There’s nothing that feels quite as luxurious as having multiple throw blankets. Give your guests, especially those couples whose body temperatures run differently from one another, a variety of bed coverings to choose from. Be sure to include a substantial blanket at the end of the bed, and neatly fold another one or two and place them within view on a bench or ottoman at the foot of the bed.

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Keep It Minimalistic

two small beds in minimalistic small bedroom


Less is often more when it comes to design. If your style leans minimalist throughout your home, remain consistent in the guest room. This will not only bring the whole house together, but it can also help make a small guest bedroom feel roomier. A white ceiling and walls, metal bed frames, flowy curtains, and plush linens create a serene space. Add just a few decor items and pops of color throughout to keep the room airy and open.

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Add Amenities

amenities basket with snacks

Helen Norman

An effortless way to ensure a five-star experience for guests in your home is to provide some treats. Using an attractive basket, arrange a few snacks, such as nuts, chocolate, or granola bars. Place a carafe of fresh water and glasses on a tray nearby. Add a crossword puzzle, ear plugs, and a universal charger for their phone. These little extras don't take up much space in a small guest bedroom and help guests feel welcome.

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