TikTok’s Sleepy Girl Mocktail May Be the Perfect Pre-Bedtime Drink

Tart cherry juice and magnesium are the key ingredients in this restful beverage.

Having trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. Only about one in three adults describes their sleep as “very good” or “excellent.” Another third of adults describes their sleep as “fair” or “poor” rather than “good,” indicating that they’re not getting as much or as restful sleep as they’d like. And 81% of Americans say thinking, a racing mind, or distracting feelings have prevented them from getting a good night’s sleep. If you can relate, fear not: A new TikTok drink trend dubbed the Sleepy Girl Mocktail may have you catching major ZZZs in no time.

The original recipe was posted by creator Gracie Norton, and her TikTok showing her making it has since received more than a million views. The drink also went viral in this video posted by Sierra Cooley, who swears that it’s helped her fall asleep faster than any other method she’s used. With an abundance of videos on the platform of others recreating the Sleepy Girl Mocktail, there are evidently a lot of people out there looking for more rest—and finding it. Here’s how to try the Sleepy Girl Mocktail yourself, and potentially get closer to that coveted eight hours of sleep.

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How to Make the Sleepy Girl Mocktail

Want to make your own Sleepy Girl Mocktail at home? You’ll need a few ingredients and a large glass.

  • Ice
  • ½ cup pure tart cherry juice
  • 1 tablespoon of magnesium powder
  • Lemon lime-flavored soda or sparkling water

Fill a glass of your choosing with ice. Next, pour in the ½ cup of cherry juice. Add 1 tablespoon of magnesium powder to the liquid and stir well. Then top it off with your favorite lemon-lime flavored beverage.

Tart cherry juice contains melatonin, a natural sleep hormone. When additional melatonin is introduced, studies show it combines with the melatonin already in our body to help us fall asleep faster.

As for magnesium, researchers hypothesize that it may relax the central nervous system and help you feel sleepier.

Why Not a Cocktail?

You might be thinking, why no alcohol? While having a glass of wine or two might initially make you sleepy, consuming alcohol can negatively affect your sleep cycle. Alcohol can make you more likely to experience sleep disruptions, keeping you from getting the deep sleep you need to feel truly rested.

Does the Sleepy Girl Mocktail Actually Work?

According to the comments, the jury is still out. Many commenters question whether consuming that much liquid right before bed is a good idea. “I’d be up 15 times to the bathroom,” one person wrote. Some pointed out they get a better sleep just by drinking cherry juice alone or by taking it in pill form, no magnesium.

Cooley has since posted an update on her experience with the mocktail, saying that while it helped her relax before bed, she had very vivid dreams.

So, should you try the Sleepy Girl Mocktail? As with all TikTok trends, use your best judgment and do your own research—but if you do decide it’s right for you, you could end up discovering that it’s the drink of your dreams.

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