This Hanging Shoe Organizer Is My Best Space-Saving Solution—and It’s on Sale for $15

It has 10,200 five-star ratings.

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Simple Houseware 10 Shelves Hanging Shoes Organizer Holder


Before I moved into my current home, I never would have classified myself as a “shoe person.” Instead, I would have said I have a few pairs that I keep in heavy rotation, depending on the season, and left it at that. But limited space can make even the most well intentioned minimalist realize they need to change their tune—and I am quietly raising my hand. Thankfully, I discovered a way to organize my mini collection, and it’s all thanks to this handy hanging shoe organizer

I’m fortunate to have a walk-in closet, but it’s far from palatial and it has the added benefit of a strange layout. As a result, I carefully organize everything I store inside. When I moved into my current home seven years ago, I very quickly realized that lining my shoes up on the floor of my closet was not the best space-saving solution. So, I started to think vertically with help from the Simple Houseware hanging shoe organizer, which is available in four colors and quietly on sale at Amazon for just $15. 

Simple Houseware 10 Shelves Hanging Shoes Organizer Holder


Buy It: Simple Houseware Hanging Shoe Organizer, $15 (was $17), Amazon

I was drawn to the organizer for a few reasons. First, I love that it’s made from a lightweight fabric that I can easily brush clean should any dirt sneak inside. I’m also a fan of it’s generously proportioned with 10 shelves and measures 5 x 12 x 53 inches. And the two hanger-style hooks meant I was able to immediately pop it inside of my closet on the rod when it arrived rather than having to worry about any kind of assembly. I was an immediate fan, and the organizer is also loved by Amazon shoppers who have awarded it with 10,200 perfect ratings and 1,100 five-star reviews

If you’re wondering if I have more than 10 pairs of shoes, the answer is yes. I use my hanging organizer to keep my most worn pairs within quick reach. That means I have three pairs of sneakers and my slippers tucked inside at all times, and then I rotate in flats or sandals depending on the season. I do still have tall boots tucked against the wall on the floor. But because all of my other shoes are either in a box until their season arrives or in my hanging organizer, I’m still saving a ton of space and keeping my closet organized. 

If your shoes need a new home that’s not on the floor of your closet or in a heap on a shelf, I highly recommend the Simple Houseware shoe organizer, especially while it’s only $15. I’ve used it nonstop for the past seven years, and it’s definitely my closet MVP. 

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