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WS Bath Collections Quarelo Ceramic 17" Wall Mount Bathroom Sink with Overflow Faucet Mount: No Hole

WS Bath Collections WS Bath Collections Bathroom sink||Above the counter||Made in Italy||Ceramic construction||White finish||Linea collection||Drain assembly and p trap are sold separately.||The Overall Height of a sink is the external measurement from top to bottom, while the Overall Depth is the interior measure of how much water the sink can hold.||The Overall Length of a sink is measured in inches from left to right and the Overall Width is measured from front terall Length of a sink is measured in inches from left to right and the Overall Width is measured from front to back.||Wall Mount||Rectangular||White||Ceramic||Modern & Contemporary||Single Hole Faucet||Overflow Hole||An overflow is a small hole in the back of the sink that prevents the sink from overflowing. When the sink is full of water, this hole allows air to circulate to the drain so the water can drain more quickly.||Before you begin installation, check to make sure that your wall has two studs in place where you'd like the sink mounted. If the two studs are not aligned with the mounting location, install a 2x4 or 2x6 wood block in the wall to support the sink. Then, drill mounting holes in the wall where the sink will be anchored. Next, attach the faucet and drain assembly to the sink and secure the sink to the wall with the mounting hardware. Lastly, connect the water supply lines and shut off valves.||Linea 53995||A shut off valve is connected to the water lines and allows you to turn off the water for just one plumbing fixture instead of your entire home.||Linea 53922||A p trap holds water to prevent sewer gases from entering the home through the drain. It also traps debris that has drained from the sink to prevent the plumbing system from being clogged.||Supply lines bring water and gas from the plumbing pipes behind your walls to your fixtures.||Italy||No Natural Variation||Installation Required|| Faucet Mount: No Hole read more

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