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Many of us take this month to rejoice in a clutter-free home. However, the party doesn't start until after the work has been done of course. Decluttering, organizing, and cleaning doesn't come easy to everyone and the majority of us certainly don't find the task fun. Discover innovative storage items and abstract organizers that might make the job a bit more exciting.

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Three canister dispensers mounted on the wall photo

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Smartspace Triple Canister Dispenser

If you want to ditch plastic waste at home this year, you're in luck. It's a tough mandate, but these dispensers are an easy place to start. Install the triple canister set on a wall or the inside of a cabinet or pantry door. Fill dispensers with dry food that you expect to eat within 45 days. If your family is big on breakfast, they'll love the possibilities of a cereal bar. Try nuts for easy access to a healthy snack or practice portion control on pasta and rice dishes.

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Glass teapot rests on a rack with loose-leaf tea photo

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Infusions Glass Teapot and Rack Set

Stackable storage is a clever hack for small spaces. This teapot sits neatly on top of a storage wheel of your go-to blends. Whether it's a midday habit you can't kick or the ritual of the pour that triggers bedtime, you should make way for teatime essentials if it's an important part of your day. This tea set is the perfect size for an empty corner on the countertop or as a breakfast table centerpiece. Enjoy six of your favorite flavors upon your order's arrival including hibiscus, Earl Grey, and chai tea.

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Cabinet organizer with storage baskets photo

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8-Inch Base Cabinet Organizer With 3 Bins

When you've finally banned the kitchen of clutter, bask in its emptiness for a while and try to keep counters completely clear for as long as possible. Can you make it all the way to your annual spring clean? It's certainly possible with this Rev-a-Shelf cabinet. First, edit out duplicate utensils and gadgets. Then, store your refined collection within reach, but out of sight.

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Bamboo organizer to store hair products and tools photo

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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Hair Styling Station

Don't forget to comb through your bath supplies too. Combine half-empty bottles and dump products you don't like or use. Then allot vanity storage to only the things you use every day. The rest can find a home in the linen closet. This 15-minute task will streamline your routine and help you beat the morning rush. Corral hair and beauty supplies in a simple caddy like this. Safely store hot styling tools, such as curling and flat irons, in three metal-lined compartments and tuck brushes and sprays in front.

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Wall-mounted hair dryer holder with chrome finish photo

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Blomus Areo Hair Dryer Holder

Bring salon-grade storage home with a handy-dandy hair dryer holder. Mount it to the wall near an outlet for a totally tricked-out bathroom. Get it in a polished or matte finish to match the rest of your fixtures.

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Triangle-shaped scarf organizer with copper finsih photo

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Pendant Triangle Scarf Holder

Free up drawers or shelf space with an accessory hanger. The trendy geometric shape in a copper finish will fit right in with the rest of your wardrobe. When the winter chill thaws out, simply swap scarves for ties or belts.

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Antler rack that can be used as a coat hook or jewelry organizer photo

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Antler Rack Wall Hook and Jewelry Organizer

This antler rack works well in several rooms of the house. Use it as a coat rack in the foyer, a dry place for bathrobes and towels, or drape necklaces and bracelets here as a jewelry armoire. If gold is too flashy for you, pick from the list of 10 colors including turquoise and pink.

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Wall-mounted, hand-shaped dish for storing keys photo

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Hand-Out Wall Hook

Made from white resin, this hand-out hook is a subtle, yet hilarious feature that will make guests do a double-take. Mount this sculptural shelf near the front door or garage as a quirky pick-up zone for keys, pocket change, and a smile as you come and go.

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White writing desk that folds into the wall for storage photo

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Wall-Mounted, Fold-Out Convertible Writing Desk

Test and toss empty ink pens and donate duplicates to a local school. Enroll in paperless billing and take time to unsubscribe from mailing services you no longer take the time to open, let alone read. Then organize the rest in this compact, convertible cabinet. In similar fashion to a murphy bed, this fold-out writing desk is a smart solution to a non-existent home office. Inside you'll find three bill organizers, two adjustable shelves, two fixed shelves, a corkboard, and a sturdy desktop.

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Pipe wall shelf for housing books; takes up less space than a bookshelf photo

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Highland Pipe Wall Shelf

Bookcases can seem like staples to a home, but they're oftentimes big and bulky. You're bound to own at least a few books even if you prefer tablets and if you don't have a dedicated space for them, they're probably taking up room on coffee tables, nightstands, and desks. Take back your space by keeping a cookbook collection or a short stack of bedtime stories on the wall with this ingenious shelf. The charming industrial design is popular right now, so it's sure to spark conversation with houseguests.

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