These 13 Laundry Room Essentials are Loads of Fun

Laundry days are notorious for being time-consuming and daunting. Immerse yourself in these 13 must-have, laundry room essentials from Houzz, and you'll feel more organized and productive at the end of the day. Make the necessity of washing many loads less of a chore by checking out these laundry room staples that everyone should own.

Laundry room storage including wire baskets, hooks, and cubes.
Top load washer with six programs. photo

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LG Top-Load Washer

With so many washing machines out there, finding the perfect one for all of your laundry needs can be difficult. Say goodbye to tough stains and repeated wash cycles, and hello to this LG washing machine that has it all! This laundry room essential offers six programs including a setting for waterproof clothing, a speed wash, and more to ensure impeccably clean clothes after just one wash. You'll be wishing you switched to this washing machine months ago after utilizing its convenient features.

Price: $849

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Electric dryer with six functions. photo

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Super Capacity Electric Dryer

Few people actually enjoy doing laundry, but if you have a laundry machine that can make the process easier then we're all for it! This LG dryer is always ready to tackle large, wet loads and wipe out stubborn wrinkles. With 6 programs including sensor dry and manual dry to choose from, there's sure to be a cycle for precisely what you need. The LG washer and dryer are a perfect pair to add to your stylish laundry room.

Price: $849

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Laundry station with three tall baskets and three wire shelves. photo

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Trinity EcoStorage Laundry Station

It doesn't take much for a laundry room to become bombarded by mounds of clothes. Keep things organized with this laundry station by sorting the clothes by colors, whites, and darks. Take advantage of the handy wheels and easily move it to the washer and dryer when you're ready to start a new load. Use the extra shelving to stash everything from your stylish laundry room decor to clean towels for major cleanups.

Price: $99.99

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White drying rack with five hooks and three shelves. photo

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Jessie Accordion Drying Rack

Avoid running your dryer constantly and thus keep your electric bill down by drying clothes on this accordion rack. Not only is it sleek and stylish, but it saves space by hanging on the wall instead of taking up space in the middle of the laundry room. The accordion shelf provides 10 sturdy rods that pull out to hold a significant amount of clothing. Collapse the rods when not in use to keep things clear and clutter-free. You can also use this handy drying rack to display decorations, hang laundry bags, and store detergent by utilizing the top shelf and hooks on this folding drying rack.

Price: $119.95

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Teal and black steam iron by Eureka. photo

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Eureka Steam Iron

We've all had that moment when we are on our way to work and have a slight panic attack wondering if we turned off the steam iron in the laundry room. Keep your anxiety to a minimum by buying this steam iron with an auto shutoff feature. It'll automatically turn off the iron if it ever tips over or is left on! It also can flatten creases in between buttons and along seams in a short amount of time.

Price: $59.99

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Set of six storage cubes with name slots. photo

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Hangorize Collapsible Fabric Storage Bins, Set of 6

As we all know the laundry room works overtime. Make organization a priority and store all of your small laundry room essentials in fabric storage bins. The stylish yet functional design will flow with the theme of your room, and it offers enough space to keep things tucked away and out of sight. Bonus: The storage bins also are constructed with convenient handles to make grabbing the bin from tall shelves easier!

Price: $39.99

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Blue folding board for shirts. photo

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Shirt Folding Board

Have you always wanted the clothes in your closet or dresser to look like they're right off the department store rack? We've found the secret weapon behind those crisp, clean folds. This shirt folding board allows you to fold clothing while keeping them wrinkle-free quickly. From towels to tops, your family can no longer use the excuse that they don't know how to fold clothes when this laundry room essential makes it a super easy task. Happy folding!

Price: $24.95

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Set of 12 wool dryer balls that reduce drying time. photo

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Wool Dryer Balls, Set of 12

Ditch those dryer sheets and get yourself a set of wool dryer balls to keep clothes soft and static-free. Not only do these dryer balls save you time because they reduce overall drying time, but they also save you money, in the long run, thanks to the fact you can use them more hundreds of times! Add two or three dryer balls to a small load and six or more to a larger one. They are also hypoallergenic, so they are safe for people with sensitive skin.

Price: $59.99

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Black and gray garment steamer to de-wrinkle clothes. photo

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Handheld Garment Steamer

De-wrinkle your clothes while they hang with this handheld garment steamer. Most would say using a steamer is an easy way to freshen up and get the creases out of your clothes. This laundry room essential is easy to use and heats up in only 150 seconds! For your last minute wardrobe changes that require a quick press, this handheld steamer will quickly get the job done.

Price: $50

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White trash can with a step lever. photo

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Semi-Round Step Trash Can

A laundry room trash can near your washer and dryer is a definite must. This step trash can is perfect for when you need to clean out the lint trap in the dryer or throw away the tissues and wrappers in your family's pockets before placing in the washer. The lid and step features are nice perks for when you need to keep trash safe from pets or tiny tots and when your hands are full. Oh, the white color will go great with your decor as well!

Price: $40

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Ironing board with a mini board attached for ironing sleeves. photo

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Mega Pressing Station

Ironing clothes can be a breeze with this mega pressing station. This ironing board offers many wonderful features that will come in handy when it's time to de-wrinkle your clothes. The metal rest holds your hot iron and has a bar to hang neatly pressed clothes without getting them wrinkled again. You can also efficiently iron sleeves with the mini board attached above!

Price: $92.05

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White farmhouse-inspired sink with a silver faucet. photo

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Antique Style Farm Sink

A laundry room isn't complete without a utility sink. This antique style farm sink will add more functionality to your space by allowing you to wash clothes easily, water plants, or bathe your pet. No matter how many laundry room design ideas you have running through your brain, it's safe to say this stylish utility sink is just what you need to complete your space fashionably!

Price: $949

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Wire storage basket with large opening. photo

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Silver Storage Container

Stow detergent and other laundry room essentials in this versatile silver storage container. Make your laundry room seem more put together by displaying the container on a shelf above your washer and dryer or in a utility closet. This will keep necessities such as the dryer balls and scent boosters, close and organized. These storage bins are also stackable to give you more space for other decorations or laundry room essentials!

Price: $23.99

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