How This Hoover Shampooer Saved Me Hundreds of Dollars on Carpet Cleaning

When I moved out of my apartment last year, I needed to clean carpets if I wanted my deposit back, especially since I have two cats. Instead of hiring a professional or renting a machine, I decided to stretch my dollars further and invest in one myself. (After all, I planned on using it more than once.) Thanks to Amazon Prime Day I was able to get this carpet cleaner on major sale, but knowing how well it works now, I would pay full price in a heartbeat. Read on to see why I'm giving it five stars like 1,000+ other satisfied shoppers.

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer

Cleaning carpet after living with two cats for 365 days: challenge accepted.

I had lived in my apartment for about a year, and though my fur babies never did their business on it (thank you, Iris Top Cover Litter Box), they did get sick a few times. I always spot cleaned, but if I wanted my deposit back I needed to erase the kitty smell; however, a professional-level clean wasn't in my budget.

Thankfully, the timing was right around Amazon Prime Day, and the Hoover Power Scrub Elite I'd been eyeing went on sale. The cleaner arrived about two days later, and putting it together couldn't have been easier. Just a few screws and presto! It was ready to use.

Although assembly was a breeze, actually figuring out how to work the carpet cleaner was another story. It took me several tries, but I figured out that holding the handle down and moving forward and backward a few times got everything started. (Tip: Read the instructions first.) Once the soap came out I began the deep-cleaning process. An important note: This shampooer is not a vacuum; the trick is to move slowly.

It took about an hour on the deep-clean setting to shampoo and rinse both my bedroom and the living room carpet. When finished, I couldn't believe my eyes: The carpets not only smelled brand new, but they also felt fluffier. Oh, and I received my entire deposit back as well.

Naturally, I was impressed, but the true shining moment came when I used the Power Scrub Elite on my parents' carpet about six months later. They have three cats and two grandbabies who had done a number on it—needless to say it was in worse shape than my apartment. I used the same method (including vacuuming first) and could see the dirt and hair pull up from the carpet and into the machine. (It was absolutely disgusting, but strangely satisfying at the same time.)

Since the basin needed emptied several times (which is also super easy to do: just unclick and remove from the base, dump it out, and pop it back in), it took several hours of work to shampoo their master bedroom; however, it was totally worth it. I honestly wasn't expecting the results to be as impressive as the first time I used it since we started with much dirtier carpet, but it was a total success. My parents' carpet was just as fluffy and clean as mine had been—not a trace of cat smell or baby stains.

I can't speak to the quick-clean function as I've only ever used the deep-clean setting, but I can say I am so thankful I invested in a carpet cleaner of my own instead of giving the same amount of money to a professional service for a one-time fix; it is so worth every penny (on sale or not) in my humble opinion.

To Buy: Hoover Power Scrub Elite Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer, $180 (originally $200); Amazon

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