Our Editor Reviews Samsung's Top Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Been eyeing those incredible robotic vacuum cleaners lately? (Us, too!) Recently, our editor got the chance to review three top robotic vacuum cleaners from Samsung and is sharing her thoughts with the BH&G Shop readers! Read on to see what we think of these three models and which one is ideal for your home.

Why Invest in a Robot Vacuum?

Crazy mornings, leading into full work days, and ending with a quick family dinner and nighttime routine can leave little time for cleaning your floors day in and day out. If the previous describes your family's lifestyle, then a robot vacuum cleaner might be the perfect fit for your home. Designed to make cleaning your carpet and hardwood floors easy without having to utilize your bulky, full-size vacuum everyday, robot vacuums are here to simplify and streamline your life. Each of the Samsung robot vacuum cleaners above offer life-changing features that you'll never want to be without again—making them more than worth the investment.

If your family is on a tight schedule, and there's simply no time for cleaning the floors each day, we love Samsung's original POWERbot Robot Vacuum. You'll easily be able to schedule when and where you want this handy tool to run each day. Created with Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0 technology, the vacuum will know where every obstacle, turn, and corner is located in your home. It will automatically map out the optimal cleaning route to leave you with ease of mind and a tidy home. Don't want the vacuum cleaning in a certain area? You also have the option to utilize additional sensors to tell the vacuum where its boundaries lie. It cleans your home quietly and discreetly, but you'll certainly notice a huge difference in your floors when it's done doing its job!

Have a pet or two living in your family home? Then opt for the POWERbot Pet Robot Vacuum for an exceptional clean to remove pet hair and dander from your carpet fibers. When you purchase the Pet Robot Vacuum, pet hair floating around your home will be a thing of past, and you can rest easy knowing your family is living in a cleaner home. Pet hair gathering in those hard-to-reach corners? This Pet Robot Vacuum utilizes technology to master the corners in your home and make sure no pet hair is left behind. Our favorite perk: This insanely smart gadget also boasts a self-cleaning brush that automatically detangles and removes pet and human hair that may collect. Finally, no more trying to clean out those pesky hairs on your own and risk ruining your expensive vacuum!

The Samsung POWERbot Turbo Robot Vacuum is one of their smartest tools yet. Featuring wi-fi connective capabilities, you have the option to choose which rooms you would like this vacuum to tackle, all from your smartphone. Only want the guest rooms vacuumed while you're at work to accommodate those last-minute guests? Simply switch on your phone and click on the rooms you prefer, and when you arrive home they will be totally guest-ready. Lastly, this vacuum also features Samsung's most powerful suction yet, for a deep clean that leaves nothing behind on your carpets or hardwood floors. Your cleaning routine just got so much simpler.

Choosing a Robot Vacuum for Your Family

Purchasing any appliance for your home requires a bit of research and some savings, if we're being honest. Making this decision doesn't come lightly, and you'll want to ensure that you're choosing the right one for your family and lifestyle. When it comes to choosing a robot vacuum, we feel there are three things to consider before adding to your cart.

  • A Trusted Name: We highly recommend researching and choosing a brand of robot vacuum cleaner that is best for you. Samsung is committed to bringing reliable, smart technology to family homes at a reasonable price, which is why we usually start our search there. We read several reviews from other customers, maybe even watch a video or two, before choosing a brand name or model.

  • Ease of Use: Nowadays, technology can be intimidating and difficult to assemble, so search for a vacuum cleaner that you'll be comfortable using and will be simple to put together. The Samsung POWERbot vacuum cleaners took no more than 10 minutes to assemble and all come with an easy-to-read manual so you can get to know your machine in a cinch.

  • Reliability: With your busy lifestyle, there's simply no time to be worried about whether or not your appliance is going to hold up through the years. We trust that Samsung has built vacuums with incredible features (easy-pass wheels, wi-fi connectivity, washable filters, and more) that your family can enjoy for years to come.
"My experience with the Samsung robot vacuum cleaners has been unlike any other. I've been able to clean my entire first floor with the touch of a button and spend more time with my husband and pooch as we prepare for the arrival of our first child. Definitely something I recommend to all my friends and family."


Q. Can these vacuums be used on both carpet and hardwood?

A. Yes, these robot vacuums were created to clean on both surface types. Each vacuum has been designed with easy-pass wheels to ensure the transition from carpet to hardwood is seamless and won't scratch or damage your floors.

Q. What type of filter can I use?

A. The Samsung POWERbot vacuum cleaners are equipped with reusable, washable filters for easy and cost-efficient maintenance. If needed, additional filters may be purchased on Samsung's website.

Q. How long will my vacuum run before needing a charge?

A. The POWERbot vacuums have about a 90-minute run time before needing to head back to their charging station.

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