Combat Post-Christmas Clutter with These Storage and Organization Finds

After the most wonderful time of the year comes the most challenging: undecorating. But transforming your home back to its pre-Christmas glory doesn't have to be stressful. With these organizers, you'll be clearing away the clutter while keeping your decorations safe and accessible for next year.

Storage bin with Christmas ornaments inside.
A bag that holds holiday wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows. photo

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Sensible Wrapping Paper Storage System

Keep your wrapping paper organized during and after the holiday season in this cloth storage system that can fit neatly under a bed. Its two interior pockets give you space for bows, tissue paper, and gift bags, while the main compartment can house multiple rolls of wrapping paper. The nifty ribbon dispenser keeps your decorative strings tangle-free—both as you're wrapping and when you're finished. Simply pull out your desired piece and cut. You may want another wrapping paper organizer for other gift-giving events throughout the year like birthdays and weddings.

Buy It: Holiday Gift Wrap Under Bed Wrapping Paper Storage, $20, Bed Bath and Beyond

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A red box for storing 48 Christmas ornaments. photo

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Ornament Consolidater

Gone are the days of scattering your heirloom ornaments in their crumpled, original cardboard packaging, plastic bags, or whatever tote they can fit. Instead, keep all your ornaments in one place with this fabric storage box that holds up to 48 ornaments. A plastic window makes it easy to see which decorations went where, and the container's sturdy handles allow you to carry it around without worry of tearing. Place it on a shelf or at the bottom of a closet and get ready to trim the tree next year.

Buy It: Small Ornament Storage Cube, $49 (originally $70), Kohl's

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Plastic storage container with wing-lid locks. photo

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Sentimental Securer

When ornaments go in the basement or attic, you need to keep them safe from potential moisture or pests. That's where this durable storage container comes in. The wing-lid locks in three places, and the bin comes with dividers to protect all the handmade ornaments your children created in school or the souvenir ornaments you collected during your travels. Although it's strong, this box is also lightweight, so you can move up to 75 ornaments with ease.

Buy It: Holiday Storage Box, $33 (originally $54) for two, Walmart

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Three woven storage containers in small, medium, and large. photo

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Charming Containers

If you love the appearance of wicker baskets but are tired of trying to clean them, then you need to check out these plastic woven storage bins. Not only do they have the charming texture of wicker, but they easily clean with warm water. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, the storage bins can also be paired with translucent lids so you can stack the containers vertically. Use them to organize your toiletries, or clear Christmas clutter by placing linens, decorations, and other holiday odds and ends inside.

Buy It: Grey Cottage Woven Storage Bins, from $8, The Container Store

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Green duffel bag with wheels from Amazon photo

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Tree Transporter

You invest in an artificial tree partly because you can reuse it year after year. You'll be able to enjoy your evergreen beauty even longer by protecting it with the proper storage. This roller duffel not only wheels around for easy transportation, but its inner compression straps also secure the tree's branches in place. We also love how the large U-shaped zipper opening can fit almost any tree that's 6 to 9 feet tall.

Buy It: Rolling Tree Storage Bag, $80, Amazon

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Plastic totes for storing Christmas decorations. photo

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Clutter Clearers

For the ultimate in weather protection, look no further than these sturdy storage containers. With watertight handles made with urethane foam, these durable plastic totes protect your holiday decor from moisture, dirt, and insects. Aside from organizing your Christmas decorations, these containers are ideal for storing sporting equipment, gardening tools, camping supplies, and other essentials around your home. They come in various sizes to fit small and bulky items alike, and they easily stack together so you can turn a cluttered garage into an organized masterpiece.

Buy It: Clear Weathertight Totes Cases, from $63 (originally $66), The Container Store

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Round storage container for holiday wreaths. photo

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Wreath Preserver

Don't feel you have to force your decor into bulky tubs or fussy bags. This wreath storage box ensures your decor will stay in pristine condition. Whether you have a big fluffy wreath or something a little more subdued, you can pick from three sizes to best fit your needs. The round container design helps the wreath retain its shape, but the rectangle box offers extra storage options for small wreath decorations. Either way, you can't go wrong by adding this box to your Christmas organizers.

Buy It: Holiday Wreath Box, $20 (originally $35) for two, Amazon

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Hung with Care

When it comes to consolidating space, a hanging organizer like this spacious one can work wonders. Your wrapping paper stays organized with two straps, and four inner compartments keep your bows, ribbons, and labels all in one place. You can store it under your bed, or hang it in a closet or over the door thanks to its fastener strap that fits most rods.

Buy It: Whitmor Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer, $7, Amazon

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Storage rack with four shelves. photo

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Heavy Lifter

Some shelves crack under the weight of holiday decor, but not these industrial pieces. Their chrome-plated solid steel design holds up to 600 pounds—per shelf! You can adjust each shelf up or down to accommodate various sizes of boxes and containers. Make sure to store larger tubs at the bottom and smaller ones on top to keep the weight balanced. Buy one for your garage or basement, or grab two to keep festive decor separate from other storage items.

Buy It: Shelving Solution, $396, The Container Store

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