Best Dyson Vacuums of 2019

Dyson vacuums are available in a variety of models from cordless to upright to canister. Our shopping guide is here to help you find the best Dyson vacuum to handle your toughest cleaning jobs.

Vacuum Smarter with the Best Dyson Vacuums

In the world of vacuums, few brands are regarded as highly as Dyson. With powerful suction and revolutionary technology, Dyson vacuums are considered by many to be the best vacuum cleaners available.

But Dyson offers so many vacuums that choosing one can seem like an impossible mission. How do you find the right Dyson vacuum with the right features to fit your cleaning needs? Just ask us.

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Because Dyson vacuums don't produce static electricity, dirt, dust, and other fine debris won't fly into the air while you vacuum.

What's Special About Dyson Vacuums?

  • All Dyson vacuums are high-quality, durable appliances.
  • Dyson's Ball and Root Cyclone technologies provide powerful suction. Dyson vacuums are better at removing dirt, dander, and other debris.
  • With Dyson's Root Cyclone technology, air spins inside the Dyson vacuum at high speed for consistent suction. You won't lose suction over time with a Dyson vacuum the way you often do with other vacuums.
  • Because Dyson vacuums filter dirt and debris carefully to remove larger particles, they don't clog.
  • Dyson vacuums have HEPA filters, which makes them ideal if you have allergies or pets.

Dyson vacuums are made from the same materials as crash helmets, so they're extremely durable and withstand dings and bumps well.

Cordless to Robot: Different Types of Dyson Vacuums

Cordless Dyson Vacuums
Dyson's cordless vacuums are stick-style, though many can also be used as handheld vacuums. Cordless Dyson vacuums are very lightweight and provide lighter suction than other models. As with other Dyson vacuums, dirt is collected in an easy-to-empty bin. Cordless Dyson vacuums are best for light jobs and touch-ups, not for vacuuming your entire home.

Upright Dyson Vacuums
Dyson's upright vacuums are traditional, full-size vacuums. All of Dyson's vacuums are bagless—dirt and debris are collected in a bin. Upright Dyson vacuums have powerful suction and are ideal for vacuuming the whole house, particularly deep-cleaning carpets.

Canister Dyson Vacuums
Dyson's canister vacuums have a canister and a hose. Canister Dyson vacuums are equipped with a variety of attachments. Canister vacuums tend to be more difficult to maneuver than upright vacuums because the canister trails behind you, but canister Dyson vacuums are effective for vacuuming an entire house.

Handheld Dyson Vacuums
Dyson's handheld vacuums are small grab-and-go style vacs that are extremely lightweight and portable. They offer lighter suction than other Dyson models, but handheld Dyson vacuums clean limited areas very well. A Dyson handheld vacuum is best for small cleaning jobs, such as sucking up crumbs from beneath the table or cleaning your car or mattress.

Robot Dyson Vacuums
Dyson's robot vacuums are cordless vacuums that automatically move around the house to pick up dirt and debris. Their suction isn't as powerful as Dyson's upright and canister vacuums, but Dyson robot vacuums are twice as powerful as other robot vacuums. A Dyson robot vacuum is best for in-between cleanings after you've already used a traditional vacuum.


If You Need Extra Suction Power for Spotless Carpets, Consider the Dyson Upright

The centrifugal force of Dyson's Root Cyclone technology can reach up to 150,000 g, which is what gives a Dyson vacuum its powerful suction.

How to Find the Dyson Vacuum for You: Features to Consider

Ball Technology
Dyson's upright and canister vacuums feature a large ball that houses the motor assembly. The cleaning head pivots on the ball rather than wheels. Because the ball rotates in all directions, Dyson upright and canister vacuums have improved stability and maneuver easily around furniture, corners, and other obstacles.

Radial Root Cyclone Technology
Many Dyson vacuums feature Radial Root Cyclone technology, which uses cones inside the dirt bin to create small spirals of air that pull dirt, dust, and debris inside using centrifugal force. The process is known as cyclonic separation, and it maximizes suction power to ensure that Dyson vacuums capture even microscopic particles of dirt, dust, and dander from your floors.

Digital Motor
Dyson's handheld and cordless vacuums have a digital motor, which is small and light yet rotates over 100,000 times per minute. Unlike other handheld and cordless vacuums, Dyson's vacuums have powerful suction.

HEPA Filter
HEPA filters trap dust and dirt particles, so they don't exit the vacuum after they're sucked in. In fact, HEPA filters can remove up to 99.9 percent of microscopic particles of dirt, dust, and dander, which is why Dyson vacuums are an ideal option if you have allergies.

Dyson vacuums can be heavier than other vacuums. However, many owners feel the powerful, consistent suction and superior performance are worth the extra bulk. Check the weight of the Dyson vacuum you are considering to ensure that it won't be uncomfortable to handle.

Battery Life
Dyson cordless and handheld vacuums use lithium-ion batteries that last long enough to handle most cleaning jobs on a single charge. When Dyson cordless and handheld vacuums are used in regular cleaning mode, their batteries can last up to 20 minutes. In boost mode, which is ideal for bigger messes, batteries last up to 8 minutes.

Dirt Bin
Dyson vacuums feature durable dirt bins that are easy to empty. You simply push a button to empty the bin directly into a trash can. The bins are also clear, so you can see exactly when they need emptying.

Brush Roll
The brush rolls on Dyson vacuums have antistatic bristles, which means they don't produce static electricity that can send dust and dirt flying. This allows Dyson vacuums to pick up the fine particles that other vacuums miss.

Ease of Maintenance
All Dyson vacuums are bagless, so you never have to empty or replace vacuum bags. Dyson vacuums' filters don't require washing or replacing either, so your vacuum is always ready to go when you need to clean.

Pet Hair
Pet owners know how easy it is to wind up with Fido's hair all over the house. Dyson's Animal line of vacuums is designed specifically for dealing with pet hair and dander, which is why these Dyson vacuums are equipped with extra suction power and a tangle-free turbine tool that removes embedded hair from carpeting and furniture.

Many Dyson vacuums come with a variety of tools and accessories that make cleaning your home even easier. For example, a longer wand attachment allows you to reach out-of-the-way areas, while a flexi crevice tool gets into tight spots for deep cleaning. The soft dusting brush works well on furniture, and the mattress tool is ideal for removing dirt and dust from your mattress and other upholstered items.

Dyson vacuums vary in price based on the type of vacuum and its features, but you'll typically pay between $220 and $1,000.

  • Handheld Dyson vacuums cost $220 to $250.
  • Canister Dyson vacuums cost $300 to $500.
  • Upright Dyson vacuums cost $300 to $600.
  • Cordless Dyson vacuums cost $400 to $600.
  • Robot Dyson vacuums cost $1,000.

Dyson vacuums filter dirt and debris carefully to remove larger particles, so clogs don't occur.

Tips for Getting the Deepest Clean with a Dyson Vacuum

  • When you're using a Dyson upright or cordless vacuum, move your wrist in a zigzag motion. This makes it easier to clean around furniture and other large objects.
  • To keep your Dyson vacuum working properly, clean its dirt bin or canister every three to four months. Use compressed air to blow out any dirt and debris, and rinse the bin out with water.
  • Dyson vacuums typically have large dirt bins or canisters. It helps to empty the bin in a tall trash can, so the debris doesn't go airborne.
  • Keep the brush roll on your Dyson vacuum clean by turning the vacuum over and using scissors to cut away any hair or fibers that are tangled up in the bristles.
Dyson handheld and cordless vacuums use lithium-ion batteries, so they recharge quickly and can usually hold a charge for up to 20 minutes in normal mode.

Dyson Vacuum FAQ

Q. Are Dyson vacuums worth the extra money?
A. Purchasing a Dyson vacuum does require more of an investment than most other vacuum cleaners. But Dyson vacuums feature technology that provides powerful suction that doesn't fade over time. Dyson vacuums are also made of extremely durable materials, which is why they last longer than other vacuums.

Q. Why are Dyson vacuums so good for pet owners?
A. Dyson makes a line of vacuums specifically for dealing with pet hair and dander known as the Animal series. These Dyson vacuums are designed for picking up the increased debris of a home with pets, and they feature a tangle-free turbine attachment. However, all Dyson vacuums are equipped with HEPA filters, which remove even the smallest particles of pet dander from your home.

Q. Which type of Dyson vacuum works best as a home's main vacuum?
A. Both Dyson's upright and canister vacuums have enough suction to work well as your home's main vacuum. Which one will work best for you really comes down to preference. Upright Dyson vacuums are typically easier to maneuver than canister Dyson vacuums, which require you to drag the canister behind you as you clean. However, canister Dyson vacuums come with a variety of attachments that help you perform other cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming the curtains.


Use Your Dyson to Clean More Than Just Floors

Some Dyson vacuums come with a mattress tool, which makes cleaning your mattress, sofa, or other upholstered furniture quick and easy.

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