Fabulous Bathroom Storage Finds for Under $100

You don't have to drop hundreds of dollars to organize your space. With these affordable bathroom storage finds you can keep linens, styling tools, and hygiene products neat and tidy without breaking the bank.

Metallic gold wire rolling cart with three metal bins photo

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Rolling Rack

To be honest, this rolling cart from World Market could fit almost anywhere in your home; however, we love the idea of using it in your bathroom. Its gold finish instantly elevates your space's style while its three-bin design makes the perfect bath caddy. Store your towels at the bottom, fill the middle shelf with extras like lotions and scrubs, use the top for soaps and loofahs, and then finish it off by hanging your washcloths on the handle. We suggest storing it along your wall and then wheeling it over to the tub when you're ready for some relaxation.

Price: $99.99

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Under-the-sink organizer with expandable shelves and storage bins photo

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Under-the-Sink Fix

When it comes to under-the-sink storage, we recommend something sturdy like this expandable organizer. The system features six shelves and two storage bins for holding cleaning supplies, extra soaps, and other hygiene products. Our favorite feature: It's totally customizable so you won't have to worry about pipes or disposals. Slide (or remove) the shelves, adjust the height and width, and arrange your pieces to best fit your space. Not to mention its affordable price, which makes it possible to pick up one for your bathroom and kitchen. Trust us, you're going to want this nifty storage fix in both.

Price: $39.99

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Aluminum hanging storage rack with two cups and a blow dryer slot photo

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Hanging Hair Tool Shelf

When you're in a rush, nothing is worse than trying to find a straightener or curler among a mass of other styling items, but don't worry; we found a solution. Install this metal hanging rack near your vanity and you'll instantly clear away the clutter. Equipped with a blow dryer holder and two cups, you can store your brushes, handheld mirror, and combs in one place. It even has a spot for heat protectant or gel. Another idea: Use the containers to hold makeup brushes or your toothbrush if you need more counter space.

Price: $23.96

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White narrow floor cabinet with pull out drawers photo

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Slim & Functional Drawers

We love functional pieces that save space, which is why this storage cabinet makes our list. For starters, its white color and simple design will blend with any decor. Measuring only about 6 inches wide, this narrow cabinet slides into tight spaces, helping you maximize small areas. But don't let its size fool you; with two built-in shelves, a slide-out drawer, and a top drawer, this bathroom storage find offers plenty of room for housing your essentials.

Price: $85.99

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Rattan tote with a lid from Crate and Barrel photo

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Beautiful Bath Caddy

When you only need a small bath caddy, reach for this storage tote from Crate & Barrel. Constructed of rattan and completed with a honey finish, this piece instantly warms up your room. Compact and portable, this bin is designed for storing the essentials. You can carry it to the bathtub or add it on a shelf in your guest bathroom for a functional (and fashionable) display case. No matter how you use it, one thing is certain: This beautiful box brings style and order to your space.

Price: $29.95

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Rattan wall-mount shelf with two shelves and four hooks at the bottom photo

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Spa Shelves

There are multiple aesthetics you can design for a bathroom—modern, rustic, vintage—but one of our current favorites: the spa style. Between its tranquil feeling and emphasis on relaxation, we can't get enough of the trend. To get the look, use a neutral color palette, freestanding fixtures, and natural elements like this rattan wall shelf. Not only will it enhance your theme, but its two-tier design and multiple hooks organize your linens. Hang it by your whirlpool tub to quickly reach for bathrobes and towels after a soak.

Price: $99

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Plastic shower organizer with soap dispensers, mirror, hooks, and shelf photo

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Shower Solution

Organizing isn't just for your linens. Show your shower some love too with this genius system from Target. Equipped with three soap dispensers, a shelf, and hooks, this shower caddy helps you streamline your morning routine. Place your razor and loofah at the bottom, fill dispensers with body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, and use the top shelf for extra products. This functional piece is an excellent gift idea—especially for newlyweds—and at just $40, you can pick up one (or two) for your home as well.

Price: $39.99

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White bathroom storage floor cabinet with open shelves on the side photo

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Extra Floor Storage

Sometimes your bathroom cupboards aren't enough. When that's the case, there's this helpful floor cabinet. Barely measuring 2 feet wide, this little piece won't take up too much room, yet it still offers plenty of storage space. In addition to organizing, you can also display knickknacks on its side shelves. Our recommendation: Use it for both! Roll towels on top, fit linens inside and then add candles, vases, and decorative containers filled with cotton balls and other essentials.

Price: $63

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White freestanding linen cabinet with open shelf and two double doors at the top photo

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Space-Saving Cabinet

If conserving space is on your bathroom storage list, then we suggest this freestanding linen cabinet. Its vertical design and hollow middle allows you to maximize wall space behind the toilet. The piece features two shelves; one that is perfect for displaying decor and one that conceals any items you wish to hide behind two doors. Use it in your master suite to declutter, or place it in the guest bath to keep extra rolls of toilet paper or linens in plain sight for visitors.

Price: $77.82

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White hexagonal-shaped cosmetic organizer with detachable top photo

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Must-Have Makeup Organizer

Never dig through a drawer to find your favorite lipstick or eyeliner again. With this cosmetic organizer you'll be able to keep all your makeup in one convenient location. Created to house most of your beauty collection, this sturdy system comes in a hexagonal design with specific slots for different products. Plus, its base spins a full 360 degrees so all your essentials remain in reach. Store your brushes at the top and use the six sides for perfumes, compacts, and more. Bonus: The organizer detaches from the base to make getting ready that much easier.

Price: $33.99

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