WS 1025 Outdoor Digital Window Thermometer - la crosse technology
($17.95 save 6%)


Read outdoor temperature conveniently from inside your home from La Crosse Technology. Large digital 4” thermometer easily adheres to a glass door or window from outside. Protected from UV light and rain will give you convenience of weatherproofing. Removeable bracket makes it easy for cleaning. Monitor your outdoor temperature maximums and minimum values daily with automatic resets in morning and night. Battery operation with included AAA battery and displays when power is low and that battery should be replaced. Easy set steps: 1) Unscrew battery cover and pull plastic tab under AAA battery. LCD will turn on. Replace cover and set the time. This ensures MIN/MAX values adjust correctly. Clean glass surface and remove Adhesive strip covers from mounting bracket. Firmly press for 30 seconds and attach thermometer onto bracket.