Wellington Carpet Doormat 18 in x 30 in Rubber Carpet Mat - rubber-cal
($34.25 save 42%)


This carpet mat is made using reclaimed rubber. The big benefit of reclaimed rubber is that it uses discarded tires that would otherwise be contributing to waste in the environment. This makes for an eco-friendly reclaimed flooring option that is more affordable and durable than other non-reclaimed products. Safety should always be one of the top reasons for getting an entry mat. Falls that result from a slip can be dangerous to both your life and your wallet. Luckily, these mats come with a rubber backing. The rubber backing plants itself firmly on the base surfacing of the area and helps make sure that the mat does not move about loosely. As a result, your feet will be safe and stable on firm ground thanks to this reclaimed flooring. Excess moisture can be a hazard on unprotected floors. Wood and tile can get awfully slippery and that can lead to injuries. On top of that, dirty outside water can ruin the cleanliness of your home or office. With this carpet matting in place, you will eliminate the risks that come with moisture. The carpet surface absorbs water from incoming footwear. It also prevents mold and mildew from forming. Color: Blue.