US8376A Pattern Hacking Women's Double Ruffe Back Hi Low and Baby Doll Shirt Patterns Sizes XXS XXL - simplicity


Includes sewing templates, pattern pieces, sizing guides, and instructions for one base pattern that can be turned into (1) double ruffle top, (1) back hi-low top, and (1) baby doll top. Clothing sewing patterns for women can be made to fit sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Create the perfect top for your wardrobe with our pattern hacking kits, where you can turn a simple women's shirt pattern into a baby doll top, a back hi-low top, and a cute double ruffle top. These clothing sewing patterns come with detailed English and French instructions as well as handy fabric recommendations. All Simplicity patters are designed and printed in the USA.