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Keep your aquarium cleaner and healthier with the Top Fin Silenstream Cartridge. This highly effective cartridge is perfect for Top Fin Power Filters, and contains active carbon to absorb undesirable odors, pigments and chlorine. Features: Active carbon to help absorb undesirable odors, pigments, and chlorine Includes: Available in 2-pack, 6-pack and 12-pack sizes Intended For: Top Fin Silenstream Power Filters 20, 30, 40, 75 Product Dimensions: 6.5 in L x 4.5 in W Instructions: Rinse in warm water before use. Place in the aquarium and cover the base with gravel. To create a pleasing effect, place taller plants in back and shorter plants in front. Caution: Never use soap or detergent on any items placed in your aquarium, as they are highly toxic to fish. Top Fin Silenstream, Large Filter Cartridges, Size: 6 Count | PetSmart