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These Top Fin IF-S 4-in-1 Internal Filter Cartridges make it easy to maintain a clean and healthy aquarium. Count on these easy-to-use items to help support the well-being of your aquatic pets and the beauty of their environment. Only at PetSmart. Features: With ceramic granules, activated carbon, zeolite and filter sponge 2-month supply Includes: 2 Count Intended For: Aquariums Color: Gray, Black Product Dimensions: 4.13 in L x 2.3 in W x 0.75 in H (10.4 x 5.84 x 1.9 cm) Caution: Never use soap, detergents, or cleaning agents while cleaning the aquarium or equipment as they can harm your fish. This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children. Advice for Use: To help maintain a healthy aquarium, change filter cartridge every 3-4 weeks, or if water flow becomes obstructed. Remove filter cartridge when medicating water as carbon will absorb medications. Change out 10% of the water weekly or 25% monthly. Use a water conditioner (sold separately) every time you add fresh tap water to your aquarium. Directions: Step 1: Remove used cartridge Step 2: Rinse new cartridge under cool water to remove dust before placing into filter Top Fin IF-S 4-IN-1 Filter Cartridges, Size: 2 Count | PetSmart