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Top Fin Element Filter Cartridges are the perfect refill for the Top Fin BF5 Bettaflo filter, as well as desktop aquariums that use Element filters. These filter cartridges feature activated carbon to help keep water clean and healthy. Only at PetSmart. Features: With activated carbon to help remove heavy metals, odors, pigments and organic waste 3-month supply Includes: 3 Count Intended For: Refill for Top Fin BF5 Bettaflo filter and desktop aquariums with Element filters Product Dimensions: 2.1 in L x 3.7 in W (5.3 x 9.3 cm) Instructions: 1. Remove used cartridge.2. Rinse new cartridge under cool water to remove dust.3. After rinsing, insert cartridge into filter chamber. Make sure cartridge fits completely into filter chamber. Caution: Never use soap, detergents, or cleaning agents while cleaning the aquarium or equipment as they can harm your fish. This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children. Advice for Use: To help maintain a healthy aquarium, change filter cartridge every 3-4 weeks, or if water flow becomes obstructed. Remove carbon-infused filter cartridge when medicating water as carbon will absorb medications. It is recommended to change 25-30% of water weekly. Use a water conditioner and bacteria supplement (sold separately) every time you add fresh tap water to your aquarium. Top Fin Element Filter Cartridges, Size: 3 count | PetSmart