Tapless Quarter barrel Keg Stainless Steel Digital Built In freestanding Residential Kegerator Conversion Refrigerator BR1500SSOD - edgestar


The perfect solution for designing and customizing your own kegerator setup. Includes stainless steel top cover, surface mount drip tray, guard rail, and casters and is ready for kegerator conversion. Forced-air refrigeration technology with digital temperature control evenly and precisely distributes cold air throughout the interior. Soft LED lighting on the interior consumes less energy and produces no heat, keeping the temperature of your kegerator stable. Front ventilation allows for under-counter, built-in, or freestanding installations. Reinforced stainless steel floor designed to support the weight of heavy kegs. Stainless steel towel bar handle ensures that clean up is an arms reach away. Integrated safety lock keeps others from tampering with your temperature and regulator settings. Reversible door allows the swing to flow with you cabinetry. EdgeStar Tapless Quarter-barrel Keg Stainless Steel Digital Built-In/freestanding Residential Kegerator Conversion Refrigerator | BR1500SSOD