Tapless Half barrel Keg Stainless Steel Digital Built In freestanding Residential Kegerator Conversion Refrigerator BR7001SS - edgestar


Adjustable thermostat: an integrated thermostat lets you choose precisely the setting you need, anywhere from 32-degrees to 60-degrees F for optimal beverage temperatures. Safety lock: an integrated safety lock prevents unintentional tampering with your regulator and thermostat. Ready for conversion: specifically designed for kegerator conversion, this refrigerator arrives with a drip tray, stainless steel top cover, guard rail, and four (4) casters. Built-in capable: fan-forced front ventilation allows this unit to be installed flush with surrounding cabinetry in an under-counter installation or optionally installed as free standing. Quality components: the heavy-duty door, professional towel bar handle are both fully wrapped in sturdy and beautiful stainless steel. Interior lighting: soft interior lighting illuminates your keg(s) and makes changing them out quick and easy. Reversible door: if it suits your application, you may reverse the door, making the installation more flexible. Possible keg configurations: 1 full size keg, 1 oversize beveled edge keg, 1 quarter keg, 1 slim quarter keg, 1-3 sixth barrel kegs, 1-3 Cornelius kegs, 1 slim quarter + 1 sixth barrel keg, or 1 slim quarter + 1 Cornelius keg. When empty, it is recommended that you keep the temperature between 35-38-degrees F. EdgeStar Tapless Half-barrel Keg Stainless Steel Digital Built-In/freestanding Residential Kegerator Conversion Refrigerator | BR7001SS