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Talleysville Birdbath

Talleysville Birdbath - august grove


Sunflower pattern design painted with special hot glass craft, this birdbath has exquisite wavy edge shape and bright sunflower pattern design which would attract more birds to bath and adds color to a garden or outdoor space. Sturdy and durable made of the glass bowl and sturdy three-sided chain and hook, painted with special hot glass craft, anti-rust paint metal. The glass birdbath lasts for many years under various natural weather. It's not only as a simple glass birdbath but also as a bird feeder for can fill with water or seeds to feed birds. You can hang it on a tree or anywhere. Or you can also buy the shepherd's hook and then you take the birdbath hook and you hang it up. And it didn't take up space on the ground. Perfect for your garden addition and attracting feathered friends. If you have any questions, please contact us by email, we are proud to serve you.