Spotlight Volumes C Series Table Lamp by - andlight


Leave it to designer Lukas Peet to take pleasing timeless shapes and turn them into elegant contemporary pieces. With the Spotlight Volumes C Series Table Lamp from ANDlight, Peet focuses on the promise of a modular construction with a clean and seamless design. The C series piece has a narrow, cylindrical-spun aluminum base, dotted by a billet dimmer knob, allowing for dimmable lighting through sharp accenting. Setting itself apart is the range of shades that can be paired with the base, creating either a tapered or symmetrical look, accented at the center by a neatly wrapped cord. The light of a singular bulb is channeled up the shade to provide a warm, ambient glow. ANDlight was formed in 2013 by three partners dedicated to producing progressive original designs from their headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. Products are conceived, designed, built and finished in-house with an eye on efficiency and responsible innovation.