Simply Stretched 3D Canvas Art Canvas 4 Pk - daler-rowney
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Daler-Rowney Simply Stretched 3D Canvas is perfect for creating beautiful artwork, paintings, portraits, and drawings. Made with 100% acid-free, high-quality cotton, this 3D canvas is suitable for experienced painters and novice artists alike. Whether you're a muralist, mixed media artist, or starting out in an art class, the Daler-Rowney Simply Stretched 3D Canvas is designed for oil, acrylic, tempera, and other paints that will help you create your masterpiece. This 3D art canvas is attached to a thick wooden frame with a deep edge to provide a three-dimensional effect. It is also back-stapled for clean edges that allow for painting on the sides. Add to your art collection with finished paintings that don't need to be framed and can easily hang on any wall. Gather your favorite Daler-Rowney art supplies and create and craft canvas artwork unlike ever before with the Daler-Rowney Simply Stretched 3D Canvas.