Simply Panel Canvas Pack 3 Pieces - daler-rowney


Daler-Rowney Simply Panel Canvas Pack, 11" x 14", 3 Pieces Create beautiful works of art with this Daler-Rowney Canvas Panel Simply 11" x 14" Pack on hand. This product is sold in a three-pack. Each one features an acid-free blank cotton canvas that allows you to flex your creativity to produce any oil and acrylic-based masterpiece. Whether you're using these blank canvas panels for your art classes or personal purposes, you can count on each piece being ready to use when you need it. It is triple-primed and has a medium-grain texture that's suitable for a wide variety of projects. The Daler-Rowney Canvas Panel Simply 11" x 14" pack is also available in other sizes. This is a triple primed, medium grain texture, and 100% acid free cotton canvas for durability. The heavy-duty surface holds color and prevents seepage through the back. It is ideal for oil and acrylic painting and suitable for mixed media, collage, impasto, heavy textures, etc.