Rubber Dog Toy Fetch Balls - chew king


Tennis balls are great on the tennis court, but somewhere along the way they became the standard toy of fetch time. And anyone who’s ever played with an excited, slightly slobbery pooch can tell you, they have their downsides. Ditch the wet, unpleasant tennis balls for a combo pack of natural rubber fetching fun instead with Chew King Fetch Balls. Natural rubber eliminates the chemical smell of synthetic balls, and it’s resilient enough to withstand regular play and games of fetch-’till-you-drop. It has an excellent, sporadic bounce to keep your dog guessing, and each Chew King Fetch Ball doubles as a treater with a built-in safety air vent to protect your pup and keep happy tongues from getting stuck. The 4” X-Large balls are great for dogs over 60 lbs. who make short work of standard tennis balls. They’re durable, fun and with the right size and chew level, are designed to outlast even your super Chomper or fetch machine’s most vigorous play. Try one today and you just might say, “Hail to the King!”