Roma Undermount 5 in x 19 in Brushed Stainless Steel Single Bowl Workstation Kitchen Sink RVH8222 - ruvati


Ruvati takes kitchen functionality to a whole new level with this 33 in long workstation sink that converts your kitchen sink to a full-fledged workspace. The sink comes with an array of built-in accessories and two-tiered tracks on the front and back for the accessories to slide on. The included cutting board will fit on either top or lower track, so you can slide one on top of the other. The cutting board is flat on one side, but when flipped, convert into a tray with raised edges. When you need more countertop space, the cutting board placed on the top or lower track will cover almost your entire sink. Now you can use all that extra space for food-prep, or for entertaining guests by turning the cutting board over into trays and placing plates, cups or serving dishes on them. The reversible cutting board is constructed of sapele wood (African Mahogany) – a luxurious hardwood that has a beautiful finish and handles water well. Also included with the workstation sink is a wood platform with mixing bowl and colander attachments, deep stainless steel colander, which slides on the lower tier. The foldable drying rack fits on the top track and is ideal as a dish drying rack. It is constructed of stainless steel bars and a flexible silicone frame allowing you to fold it to the right size or roll it up tightly for storage when not in use. A stainless steel rinse grid sits on the bottom of the sink and covers the entire bottom of the sink bowl. The grids protect the sink bottom during daily use, and allows you to dry dishes or large pots and pans. The large size of the sink means you can easily install two kitchen faucets with it, allowing two people to work at the same time. The 10 in deep bowl gives you plenty of space in the sink. The bottom of the sink is engineered for perfect water drainage. It features a 1 in slope from one end of the sink to the drain Ruvati Roma Undermount 33.5-in x 19-in Brushed Stainless Steel Single Bowl Workstation Kitchen Sink | RVH8222