River Rocks 18 in x 30 in Rubber Door Mat - rubber-cal
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A rubber entrance mat is the perfect solution to this problem. The River Rocks Flocked Mat is made with tough rubber material that increases traction in slippery areas and does not crack or mold with wear and tear. If you're looking for the best doormat for cold, wet weather, here are a few reasons why the River Rocks rubber doormat is what you need. The River Rocks rubber entrance mat is perfect for wet, slippery doorways because it can withstand a variety of weather conditions. While some doormats will crack or fade over time, this doormat will not curl up or fail you when you need it most. With its flocked surface and tough rubber material, this front mat is perfectly designed for wet or slippery areas. Rubber has a naturally high coefficient of friction, which provides excellent traction, even when it is wet. As a result, this rubber entrance mat can make any doorway safer and less slippery even in wet weather. It may be the best doormat for preventing dangerous accidents during wintertime. This rubber entrance mat is one of those doormat designs that will bring a touch of the natural environment to your front step. It has a simple riverbed design that looks like it came straight out of a babbling brook and right to your front door. If you're looking for a unique front mat to bring some personality to your home, this flocked rubber mat is the perfect accent. Color: Black.