Reflections Soft Touch Embossed 3pc Comforter Set Full Queen 92x96+20x26+ F 2 " - modern bedroom


LUXURY FABRIC BRUSHED SOFT AND SUPPLE First, we start with luxurious weight microfiber cover, supple, smooth and soft to the touch, and we emboss it using heat and pressure; Then double brush the fabric, creating a luxury feel like none other ANTIMICROBRIAL & ANTIBACTERIAL BARRIER We then permanently infuse the fibers with a silver treatment, that results in an antimicrobial and antibacterial barrier; Microbes and bacteria cannot form on the fibers, and are shunned by the fabric NUSOFT ADVANCED PERFORMANCE FILL We combine hollow-core fibers which catch and hold body heat to create the perfect micro-climate, and gel-fibers which help distribute that heat while adding a touch of weight for that cozy feel LIFETIME HEIRLOOM QUALITY SELECTION We take care that the fill is stitched to the edges and boxed quilted so there is no shifting or matting of the fill, even after washing CREATES THE MOST COMFORTABLE SLEEPING CLIMATE POSSIBLE Your body exudes its own heat, and this comforter captures, holds, and spreads that heat evenly – no more cold feet! You’ll sleep more soundly with less tossing and turning in the night