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The Works® Tool Box with Lid Organizers and Removable Tool Tray, 14"

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(r) Tool Box with Lid Organizers and Removable Tool Tray - the works
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THEWORKS® 14 in. Tool Box stores and organizes your tools and part, and can be conveniently carried along anywhere with you. It is ideal for all you do-it-yourselfers and crafters. The top of the tool box features three small compartments with see through lids, providing quick access to your smaller parts and hardware like pins, nails, screws and driver bits. When you release the latches, you will find a removable tray inside for additional storage and organization. The entire space can be so easily utilized that you can store all the handy tools you need for your home improvement projects, crafts and other hobbies. You will never misplace your tools and have trouble finding them again.