(r) Chefs Classic 10 Piece Stainless Steel Grill Set Spatula Tongs Fork Knife Shears And 4 Skewers - cuisinart
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The Chef’s Classic 10 Piece Grill Set includes TriTip Spatula, TriTip Tongs, Carving Fork, Butcher Knife, Multi-Purpose Shears, and 4 Skewers. The tools are constructed of professional grade stainless steel, and feature ergonomic plastic handles and integrated hanging loops. The TriTip Spatula has an over-sized surface for handling larger meats, with a bottle opener and a cleaver cutting edge. The TriTip Locking Tongs feature a precision point grip, perforations for straining, and a scalloped/firm toothed edge. The Butcher Knife has grooves which helps keep food from sticking to the blade, also allowing for thin, even cuts without tearing the meat. and it pairs perfectly with the carving fork. Along with the ability to cut through food, the Multi-Purpose Shears include a fish scale scraper, nut and seafood cracker, and bottle opener. The 10-inch skewers are the perfect size for meat, shrimp, and veggies and the flat design prevents food from spinning on the skewer, allowing for even cooking. Enjoy grilling even more with the Chef’s Classic 10 Piece Grill Set! Also, a great gift for any grilling enthusiast!