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Aqueon QuietFlow 10 Series Aquarium Filter Kit

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QuietFlow 10 Series Aquarium Filter Kit - aqueon
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Help keep your aquarium clean, clear and healthy with the Aqueon QuietFlow 10 Series Aquarium Filter Kit. It features five stages of filtration. Stage 1 features a dense floss helps remove particles and debris. Stage 2—the activated carbon helps get rid of odors, discoloration and toxins, Step3—the patented Bio-Holster helps remove nitrites and toxic ammonia. Stage 4—the diffuser grid helps remove other toxins, adds oxygen and reduces splashing for peace and quiet. Stage 5—the specialty filter pad serves as additional carbon, ammonia reducer or phosphate remover. The filter cartridge is easy to replace and contains 25% more activated carbon than some other brands to remove dissolved organic waste. This kit can help enhance water quality, increase oxygen levels for your finned friends and reduce noise.