Personal Desktop Ceramic Heater - comfort zone


If your home office is cold, use this compact desktop heater to create a warm and comfortable space. It sits easily on your desk and provides a safe, concentrated warmth to keep you productive. Say goodbye to blankets and summertime sweaters. This 200-Watt desktop ceramic heater features fan-forced heating to distribute warm air around you quickly and evenly. This personal electric heater includes a convenient rear on/off switch and a power indicator light so you won't accidentally leave it on. It operates quietly, so you won't become distracted by annoying noise. The personal heater features an overheat protection sensor that prevents it from getting too hot and stay-cool housing to prevent burns. The safe design ensures you can place it in close proximity on your desk and move it as needed. This desktop heater can help lower home heating costs by using less energy than larger models and effectively warming the space you are in, rather than the whole house. Its small and stylish design won't take up much space and looks great on your desk. Color: Black.