Permanent Markers Ultra Fine Tip Colors 8 Count - sharpie


Sharpie Permanent Markers were the first pen-style permanent marker of its kind to write on almost any surface from your favorite pair of jeans to your brother's skateboard and, of course, paper. Since its inception in 1964, over 200 million markers have been produced - that's enough for approximately two Sharpie markers per every household in America making it the #1 writing instrument brand in North America. Today, Sharpie markers are still made with the same permanent ink that you've come to rely on and trust but are now available in over 30 unforgettable colors and numerous different tip sizes, including the Sharpie marker ultra fine tip - making Sharpie the ultimate instrument of personal expression. The durable tip of the Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie marker produces thinner, precise lines and whether you're using it to doodle on your notebook or decorate a pair of sneakers, you can be confident that the quick drying, non-toxic formula of these fine markers will deliver a superior marking experience every time. Grow your Sharpie collection today with this pack of 8 ultra fine tip markers, available in several Sharpie colors. See what you can do with an ultra fine Sharpie.