PerforMAX High Performance All In One Toilet Repair Kit - fluidmaster


The Fluidmaster High-Performance All-In-One Toilet Repair Kit offers high-performance toilet repair parts to enhance your toilet's performance. This is a complete kit offering everything needed to make your toilet run like new, including long lasting hardware. It solves common toilet problems such as a running or leaking toilet or a toilet with a weak flush. The Fluidmaster toilet repair kit Includes the PerforMAX toilet fill valve for two times more refill rates than standard models, and the 507AK PerforMAX two-flush valve and toilet flapper to customize water use and save. Included is a universal durable gasket, and a chrome toilet handle to match any toilet. Solve most common toilet problems with this easy-to-install design. This complete toilet repair kit has a universal design that fits most two-flush valve toilets. It's built to last with chlorine- and hard water-resistant materials. Upgrade your entire toilet with this high-performance Fluidmaster toilet repair kit.