Pellet Grill Side Smoker Accessory Heavy duty 709Sq inch smoker attachment 10083 - pit boss
($210.00 save 24%)


large view window to eliminate peek-a-boo cookingeasy-open side latch handlesmokestack with an internal damper control for grill-to-smokebox airflow709 square inches of cooking spaceMade from the same premium gauge build as our Pit Boss grillsOnly Compatible With: PB550G, PB500SP, PB700S, PB700D, PB700FB, PB700SC, PB820D, PB820D2, PB820D3, PB820FBC3, PB820ME, PB820SP, PB820FB, PB820FBC, PB820SC, PB820SP, PB820XL, PB850G, PB1000XL, PB1000XLW1, PB1000T, PB1000T2, PB1000T3, PB1000T4, PB1000SC2, PB1000SC3, PB1000SP, PB1100SP, PB1150G