Odor Eliminating Pet Grooming and Cleaning Glove - vanish


GROOMING GLOVE - The grooming glove has 2 sides, one side for bathing your pet, and the other to pick up loose pet hair, lint, and fine particles. This glove fits over your hand, allowing you to have more control than a regular handle pet brush, which can easily get knocked out of your hand while you are bathing or grooming your animal. Our pet glove will allow you to expertly groom and brush your furry friend. BATHING - Our grooming glove will make bathing your pet a breeze. The gentle rubber nubs will massage your dog as you bathe him, and allow for the shampoo to evenly distribute. The result is a clean and shiny coat both you and your pet will enjoy. Your dog will look forward to their next bath time with this grooming mitt! BRUSHING - This glove can also be used to brush your pet's hair. Your pet will enjoy the mitt over a standard handle brush, as it simulates they are being pet instead of just brushed.The grooming mitt traps pet hair in the glove which can be easily removed and thrown in the trash. Use the lint side to pick up any hair left behind on surfaces. HIGH QUALITY - Check out Vanish's full line of high quality products. Designed for comfort and durability, our products will last for years to come. Specifically made with families with pets in mind, our tape lint rollers and pet hair remover brushes are designed with ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip. We use high quality rubber for our grooming gloves and brushes, which is easy to keep clean in between uses. Our top of the line products will keep your pets clean and your fabrics fresh! VANISH - Vanish is a global marketing and distribution company with a wide range of quality home improvement products. Vanish products has a complete line of pet hair and lint removal products to help you keep your home and clothes clean. Our odor eliminating products uses a unique zeolite odor eliminating technology that helps remove odors without damaging surfaces with messy liquids that stain.