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Norcold 323TL 1.7 cu. ft. - 1 Door Refrigerator 3-Way AC/DC/LP - Left Hand Swing - Taupe Doors

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Norcold 323TL 7 cu ft 1 Door Refrigerator 3 Way AC DC LP Left Hand Swing Taupe Doors - norcold inc
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Easy-To-Operate Compact Refrigerator: 323 is a 1. 7 cu. ft. refrigerator with easy-to-operate manual controls. Efficient Gas Ignition: The refrigerator comes with a Piezo gas ignition system, built-in mounting flange, and combustion seal. Reversible Door with Travel Latch: The easily-reversible door opens 180° and comes with a travel storage latch that secures your refrigerator during travel. Adjustable and Removable Shelves: The powder-coated wire shelves can be adjusted and removed and accept tall containers.