Non Stick Aluminum Saucepan with Lid - sunday chef


It features an innovative section design of the pot and lid that simplifies the storage and makes more use of the space in your kitchen. Place the pot and pans side by side without overlapping to scratch the coating as well as save storage space. 9.5” Stockpot is your go-to cooking tool for pasta, ravioli, soups, or any other of your favorite recipes. It not only looks good but performs even better and thanks to its durability will stay with you for years. One side of the pan has a flat edge allowing it to be stored vertically. This prevents the non-stick coating from being scratched or damaged. This patented solution for storage guarantees a longer life span and performance. Innovative lid: An innovative lid design allows you to easily control the steam hole size or completely seal the pot. By giving you more control it guarantees a perfect and simple cooking experience.