Natural Salt Lamp 8 Round Basket 10 lbs with Dimmer - himalayan glow
($27.92 save 48%)


Transform your space with a Basket. Himalayan salt chunks have been used for centuries as air purifiers, naturally removing impurities and excess humidity. Today, they're also used to make rock salt crystal lamps, casting a soft, soothing pink glow throughout your space as they purify the air and emit negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation. These striking lamps have been staples at wellness centers, spas, yoga studios, and meditation spaces, featuring a variety of different designs that range from large salt chunks to carved pyramids and more. This 8" design features small pieces of Himalayan pink crystal salt, artfully arranged inside a decorative wire basket. The light fixture is located inside the crystal cluster for easy light bulb changing. The features hand-mined, hand-carved salt, 6' cords, and dimmer switches for easy light adjustment. A light bulb is included for easy use.