Modular Pantry Organization Food Storage Containers Piece Set - rubbermaid
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Expand your storage options with this kitchen-ready Rubbermaid canister set. It's terrific for a number of things, like storing leftovers from pasta night to preserving dry ingredients for your favorite recipes. This set of Rubbermaid canisters even comes in handy for holding breakfast cereal, beans, cookies and rice. Each container includes its on lid that seals airtight to keep your stored edibles fresh longer. Graduation marks make it easy to measure ingredients while creating meals. These storage containers feature clear bases that enable you to tell at a glance which one holds the pasta and which has the dog treats. This set of Rubbermaid canisters is made of lightweight polypropylene to be fairly resilient to light falls and prying fingers of little ones. They come in a pack of eight, so you can use them to hold a variety of items. The Rubbermaid canister set also comes in a slim, rectangular modular design that allows for easy stacking, which comes in handy whenever you need to make more room on counter or pantry shelves. It includes four canisters with matching lids. This pack of kitchen storage containers also make a terrific housewarming gift.