Milone Farmhouse Accent Cabinet Storage Cabinet With Drawer & 2 Doors For Living Room Bathroom And Home Kitchen 30 Inches - industrial lodge home


The warm, rich tones of natural wood, sleek lines and minimal decorations, smooth door handles and trim work well for this industrial entertainment centers. What a beautiful addition to the family room!Ideal partners for electronics: With proper ventilation at the cabinet to circulate airflow to protect electronic components, the farmhouse console center with a built-in cord management system avoids cord chaos and keeps cords out of sight, clean and organizedOffering the right storage solution: Featuring 2 large cabinet with barn doors and a large drawer. Great stand for your media room TV, PS4, switch and X-box fits inside perfectlyvintage appearance for versatility: the wooden cabinet can also be used as a as a coffee bar, credenza in my office, console table, storage organizer to meet your different needs. The neutral colors tie the room together and the barn doors add a little characterImportant notice: Definitely recommend 2 people to assemble with detailed instructions. Free return for any quality issues in 30 days. Free part replacement for any damaged in 1 year. Color: Dark Brown