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Met Lux 2 Ounce Serving Ladle, 1 With Hook Handle Soup Ladle - Dishwasher-Safe, Corrosion-Resistant, Stainless Steel Gravy Ladle, For Stirring, Pouring, And Serving - Restaurantware

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Met Lux Serving Ladle 1 With Hook Handle Soup Ladle Dishwasher Safe Corrosion Resistant Gravy Ladle For Stirring Pouring And Serving - restaurantware
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EFFICIENT FOR PORTION CONTROL: Use this ladle to dish out the precise measurement of soup, chili, or sauce. GREAT FOR SERVING FROM LARGE POTS: Ladles are just about the only serving utensil that can scoop out food from deep pots like dutch ovens, cauldrons, crockpots, pressure cookers, stock pots, and more! MADE OF DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL: Made with a type of metal that can withstand corrosion and is built to last. PERFECT FOR SAUCING FOODS: Use this ladle to dollop just the right amount of gravy, au jus, marinara and white sauce to your dish. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 12.5 inches L x 2.3 inches W. Stainless steel finish. Made of stainless steel., Weight: 0.26 Pounds, Manufacturer: Restaurantware