Mesh Kitchen Drawer Organizer Tray Expandable Adjustable Silverware Cutlery Organizer Kitchen Flatware Drawer Divider For Silverware Utensils - rebrilliant


Product descriptionColor:7 Slot SilverAre you tired of not having enough space to organize your silverware, office supplies or tools? Do you hate it when your silverware organizer moves to the back of the drawer and you have to reach in to fetch a utensil? This large and spacious Flatware Organizer will enable you to stay organized in the kitchen, home or office. With 5 sections to neatly arrange your cutlery and serving utensils, you’ll be able to easily find exactly what you need at any given moment. Constructed from mesh steel, this tray will not rust nor damage your silverware. It a classy clean look, a perfect addition to any home or office.